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The Letter "G"

I was recently in Anthropolgie rummaging through the sale table. I came across this letter "G" I totally fell in love. At first sight, I thought it was paper mâché but when I picked it up I was thrilled. It's metal. It has substance. It's rough around the edges. I had to have it!
I am slowly redecorating my living room. I originally decorated when we first moved in to our house roughly 5 years ago. Other than a few pieces of furniture it has stayed pretty stagnant.
Honestly I'm surprised I haven't changed more over the past couple of years because my taste is ever evolving. Most of my energy has been put in to design my baby's nursery (future post)!
This living needs some new life! I am also currently trying to figure out how we are going to shove all the baby stuff in this room!
Here's my checklist of things to do:
-Re-paint this wall
-Make this a galley wall
-Replace our coffee table with an ottoman
-Install mantel (before Christmas!)
-Hang some art
As I get things completed I will be posting before and after shots and steps on how I completed them.
What projects are you working on in your home?