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Inspiration and Encouragement through beautiful handlettering and watercolor art work.

Honey Garlic Pork Tenderloin- Gluten Free/ Dairy Free


This is the first post in a new series I am starting called Everday Meals. My goal is to bring you healthy, easy, kid-friendly meals. These are meals you can make at the last minute when your not sure what else to cook but meals that your family will love!

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Free Printable

I have a created a new piece of art work. I wanted to make it available to everyone to download for free! This is a high resolution scan of a watercolor painting I created. I taped mine to my refrigerator with washi tape but you could frame it and hang it for everyone to see. Just enter your email in the form below and I will send the link directly to your email.

Do you want to be your own boss?


Have you been thinking of starting your own small business? Being your own boss, setting your own schedule, spending more time with your kids...

These things sound amazing and glamorous, the real American dream. Of course being your own boss can be great there are definitely things to consider.  

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How to Start a Book Club with Your Kids

Instilling the love of reading in my kids has always been very important to me. I grew up devouring books since I was a young girl. When Orin started to read, he always struggled with it. Since it was so hard for him, he never wanted to read. After years of this, reading just finally clicked for him. His teacher told me he was reading on grade level. I was thrilled. Orin started reading all the time. He loved to read! My heart swelled. I was so excited to be able to connect with him on this topic. Then one day, I was helping him with his homework. I realized he didn’t comprehend what he was reading. So I decided to really work with him over his next track to find out what he was and wasn’t getting. Well, this kid was not thrilled to be doing “homework” over track out.

That’s when I came up with the idea to have our own Book Club.

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The past three weeks have been a roller coaster. Between trying to get my calcium levels managed, having horrible stomach issues, feeling like I could sleep for days, depression, among other things: it’s been a crazy ride. I am so thankful to be seeing the other side of it. The greatest news of all is that I do not have to take radioactive iodine. The doctor felt confident that the cancer was completely contained in the thyroid. This was a huge relief! They will be keeping a close eye on everything to be sure my thyroid levels are correct and there is no reoccurrence of the cancer.

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